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Capital City Innovation

Capital City Innovation is a new non-porfit working to create an innovation district in downtown Austin, Texas. 


As a new non-profit, Capital City Innovation needed marketing material to help communicate their message to the world. I joined them to create a few pieces of collateral and am working to craft a new visual language for the organization. 

My Role

Independent Consultant


One PAger

With rough copy, a logo, and simple color palette to start, I worked with CCI to create their first piece of conference collateral. We cut four pages of copy to two to help CCI quickly get their message communicated during a conference . View the full PDF file.   


One Pager Website

I worked with the Executive Director of CCI to create a simple one page website to inform people of Capital City Innovation's mission.   

Additionally, I set up a simple form to collect the emails of people interested in staying up to date with the brand new non-profit.

A couple of Mailchimp newsletter templates are coming up next. 

View the live website